Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m.)

Putha Hiunchuli lies in Dhaulagiri Range where some of the most impressive peaks of the world lies. Putha Hiunchuli Peak (7246m) is one of them. It is located in the far west of the Massive Dhaulagiri range.  Comparing with other expeditions / peaks of the altitude, Peak Putha Himchuli expedition is technically bit more challenging. This mountain is the last 7000er marking the end of the snow-capped Dhaulagiri range. Climbers compare to this peak with any classic route of the French Alps to level for its difficulties. The Sooth slopes of Putha Himchuli Peak offer the different summit’s base camps. However, the ascent route of this peak is technically difficult due to the numbers of seracs.

Our expedition toward the Putha Himchuli Peak starts from the trading town Dunai city of Dolpa district. After a week long trek our climbers reach in German Base Camp of the Peak situated at the altitude of 4,525m. The landscape during the approach trek is as enchanting as it is unique like a mineral world made of high cliffs and deep canyons.

Asian Adventure Trips offers full board package for this expedition as a unique adventure including climbing permit from Tourism Ministry of Nepal and all other necessary logistics form arrival up to departure from Kathmandu.

Upon your request, we do also offer only base camp service of this peak climbing where the climber may arrange all required logistics for above the base camp. In all cases, the company itself provides the peak permit. The route of this trekking and expedition lies in Upper Dolpo which is also listed in Restricted Area.

After your arrival in Kathmandu, you will be addressed and welcomed by representatives from Asian Adventure Trips. You will then be transferred to the hotel booked for your comfortable accommodation.

We start the day with sightseeing of popular destinations around Kathmandu valley. After the half day sightseeing, pre-discussion about the expedition is done in the presence of trip leader, crew and other participants of the trek. Asian Adventure Trips will delightfully brief more about the trip and your queries will be answered.

Today, we start our trip from Kathmandu early in the morning at 7 from Kathmandu to Pokhara(914m.) The drive takes about 7 hours. We can also fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara, which takes about 25 minutes with beautiful view.

Our trip today continues after Breakfast in Pokhara to Beni and then we start or awaited trek to Darbang (1120m) which takes about five hours.

With full power, our trek continues to Thakum, the trek itself is not so hard with our 6 hours trekking power we reach to Takum and overnight stay organized here.

Trek continues after heavy breakfast to Lamsang with beautiful ups and down steps and scenic view on the way. The 6 hours long trek today takes uns to Lamsang. Overnight stay in Lamsang.

As usual we start early in the morning. We trek today to Gurja Gaon which takes about six hours. Overnight stay planned here.

Our trekking goes through beautiful landscape and jungle. With full power of trek brings us after about seven hours to Darsinge Kharka. Tired team enjoy heavy dinner and overnight stay organized here.

After early breakfast, we continue our trek with mix of easy and hard steps towards Budjunge Kharka. The trekking trail today takes today about five hours.

Today is special day to reach Putha Hiunchuli Base Camp, after breakfast we do not want to lose more time. With our Sherpa and Kitchen staffs we continue our trek to Puth B.C which takes about five hours.

From 11th to 28th day, we prepare to get Putha Hiunchuli under our feet/control. With our reliable field staffs and experienced Sherpa, you can feel free to plan and get challenge that gives Putha Hiunchuli to us. Our experienced Sherpa has no words in their planned tasks-dictionary “Unsuccessful”.

With smiley face and victory on Putha Hiunchuli, we head back to our return way back to Budjunge Kharka, which takes about four hours.

With beautiful memories of Puth Hiunchuli we trek back to Gurja Gaon with full dream of getting soon back in the town. The trek today takes about five hours. Overnight stay organized at Gurja Gaon.

With full hope to get back in the town gives you much power to walk to the Larung village. The trek today takes about five and half hours.

We are two days back to get in the town. Warm shower and tasty and cozy food are waiting you in Pokhara. The trek today brings us after four hours to our planned home.

Today our trek starts as usual early in the morning. We are a day before to get in to Pokhara valley. Tired walking todays takes us after five hours long trek to Darbang. Overnight stay at Darbang.

The final day get in to the town, no one is ready to waste a second more. After early morning Breakfast and final packing will be fixed and finalize and reedy to drive back to awaiting beautiful lake city Pokhara, which takes us about three hours drive and you will then transfer to hotel for your comfortable accommodation.

As planned itinerary, today we take a long bus drive back to the capital city Kathmandu. The home sick is nearly at the ending phase. The drive takes about 7 hours from Pokhara. As per your comfortable transportation, we can also suggest you to take a short flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu which only takes 25 minutes. You will then transfer to hotel for your comfortable stay.

Before your planned return from Kathmandu, Asian Adventure Trips Organizes farewell dinner for the whole trekking team including guides and porters. We share our experiences with each other and also have an opportunity to plan our next trip to Nepal with Asian Adventure Trips. As per your departure schedule from Kathmandu, Asian Adventure Trips will provide airport transport facility from your hotel.

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Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m.)
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